Colour is something we rarely think about in any depth. When it comes to clothes, often the most we can say about the colour is that we like it; beyond that we’re not sure how to relate to it. But colour is powerful – it can affect our energy, moods and emotions, it can empower us and it can help us to project our personalities.

Like any relationship, our individual relationship with colour is something that needs to be developed and nurtured over time. No-one goes from wearing black every day to enjoying a bright, multi-tonal wardrobe in a week. We make the changes gradually, adding a splash here and there, and gently reducing the amount of to an accessory or two, until we’re confident enough to ditch it altogether.

And with the transformation of the wardrobe often comes a transformation of ourselves. Moving out of our comfort zone with clothing helps us to build confidence in other areas – perhaps we go for that promotion at work after all, or finally take up Zumba, like we’ve been meaning to for years. Step by step we find that wearing colours that suit us makes us feel not just good, but fabulous – and we can allow our personality to shine through.

What a colour consultant can do

As you’ve probably realised by now, colour consultancy isn’t just about finding the colours that make your eyes sparkle and you skin look radiant. That’s part of it, of course, but not the whole.
Colour consultancy helps you to enjoy the best possible version of yourself in every situation. It creates a palette of colours that you can wear, knowing that every aspect of your appearance is shown off to best advantage. It makes clothes shopping and getting dressed each morning quicker and easier, it ensures your best features stand out and that you, as a person, stand out.
Indeed, colour consultants often work with people to give them greater confidence in everyday life.

After all, knowing you look great makes you feel great, and feeling great is empowering. This can be especially beneficial to those who feel isolated or excluded from society, enabling them to start speaking up and getting involved. Through the use of colour, a consultant can tap into underlying insecurities and gently remove barriers, helping people to gradually build their self-esteem and step out of their comfort zone in other areas.

Colour is for everyone

Many of us assume colour consultancy is reserved for middle-aged women. Women who, perhaps, have lost their sense of identity through spending 20 years dedicated to raising their children, holding down a career and keeping on top of domestic life. Such women are wonderful to work with, but anyone can have an analysis.

The process, as we’ve said, it about showing you off to best advantage. Ensuring you never have those awful shadows under your eyes or look tired and ill. So any woman or man of any age can benefit. Whether you’re a woman in your twenties and heading into the world of work or a man with an active lifestyle and little time to shop, colour consultancy can bring out the best in you.
Colour is the key to a vibrant, confident you. What are you waiting for?

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