From right to left. Melinda (Autumn), Pauline (Summer) Jessica (Summer) Rebbecca (Winter) and Chris warm Spring (standing next to our Clinique ladies) took their walk of confidence on Sunday 4 September by showcasing their BB garments that they say makes them look, sound and feel fabulous and confident to an enthusiastic audience at the Ageless Thanet Festival Fashion Show.

Our ladies danced their way around the stage and absolutely nailed their natural colouring, personality and gorgeous body shape through their outfits and accessories.

The ladies were supported by our fabulous Team BB who were Jackie and Julie (Clinique, Debenhams Westwood Cross), Erin (BB’s rising star and make-up artist), Kate and Lydia (wardrobe) and Esther (photographer).

Sheila Caulfield (short lady at the front) BB’s colour consultant and personal stylist was blown away by our ladies – all doing it for themselves! well done ladies. Thank you.

Please contact us if you are a lady who wants to boost your confidence through the clothes and accessories you wear by booking your free colour analysis and see where this takes you…………..