Colour Me Confident talk

Price: £75 per hour

Modern life is hectic – there’s the day job, the kids, the bills… It’s no wonder very few of us take the time to consider the colour in our lives.  

But did you know that colour has an impact on the way you are feeling and can help or hinder the outward projection of your personality? So many of us sit quietly in our comfort zones, sticking to colours we’re familiar with.

The Colour Me Confident talk is designed to make you take a closer look at the colours you wear every day and ask yourself whether they really reflect who you are. Hosted by Sheila Caulfield, our Professional Colour Consultant and Personal Stylist, this talk introduces you to colour, how it relates to clothing and style and how it communicates your personality. You’ll also discover how colour impacts your wellbeing; in other words, how it affects the way you think and feel.

Colour Me Confident will set you on a journey towards a more colourful, confident you. We all want to be inspired to achieve our goals and fulfil our deepest wishes – it’s never too late to take the first step.

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The Colour Me Confident talk is ideal for small or large groups.

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